Police warning: Call the police when you see a piece of cardboard between the front door!

If you want to make sure no one will enter your home without permission, then follow these tips!

No bragging

Try to conceal your expensive items as much as possible. Don’t leave your expensive bike outside, but put it inside or in a shed. If you’ve recently bought an expensive electronic device like a television or laptop, make sure you recycle the cardboard box somewhere safe. Don’t leave it outside next to your bin, because smart burglars will know you own a shiny new toy. Store laptops, iPads, cellphones and jewellery away from windows, as it will be an invitation to burglars.

Spare key

Many people, especially those living in small villages and trusting neighbourhoods, leave a spare key outside their home. In, for example, a flower pot or on top of a door frame. Stop doing this! Burglars know all the common places for people to hide their keys and they will find it in no time. Give your key to a neighbour or friend who lives nearby in case of emergency.


Please, always lock your doors and close the windows! It sounds obvious, but forty percent of all break-ins happen without using any force because the burglars found an open window or unlocked door. Some locks can be picked easily, so if you’ve got a dead-bolt: use it!


Going away on holiday? Make sure you prepare your house for being empty for an extended period of time. Ask a neighbour to take in your mail so it doesn’t pile up for burglars to see. Alert your neighbours (if you trust them) you will be gone so they can keep an eye on your house.