Police warning: Call the police when you see a piece of cardboard between the front door!



Jamming a piece of cardboard between the front door is a burglar’s trick

Many people fear coming home one day and realising they’ve been robbed. Therefore, we usually leave lights on when we’re gone for the evening. But how about when you’re on a holiday? The police recommend checking your front door on pieces of cardboard or other out of place items. If you find some, you should contact the authorities immediately!

It’s a burglar’s trick to see if you are home.


The police warn people for this trick many burglars use. By jamming a piece of cardboard between the door and doorjamb, burglars try to find out whether the inhabitants of the house are home or not. After they’ve placed the cardboard in the door, the burglars will come back a couple of days later to check whether it’s been removed. If that’s the case, they know you have been home. If the cardboard is still there, they know you’ve been away from home and are most likely on holiday. Burglars also use twigs, leaves or coins to see whether someone is home. If the litter is still there after a while, a burglar knows it is safe to enter the house.

Always keep an eye out for suspicious things near your door!

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