This is what causes these tiny little holes in your T-shirts


Fabrics consisting out of two threads won’t develop holes as easily. However, this type of fabric is much more expensive, which means most cheap and reasonably priced T-Shirts are made of a single thread fabric. Holes appearing around your belly button are most likely caused by a sharp belt of the edge of your table. Other holes are caused by the thread snapping. Holes appearing in clothing is something many people experience, according to the Dutch TV show Radar (Avrotros) that investigated the matter. This caused an avalanche of comments as even the experts that were consulted blamed the quality of the clothes as a result of “fast fashion” (rapidly changing collections). Because people like to wear new designs, it’s easier and cheaper to buy cheap clothes and throw them away. Of you want to prevent getting these holes, try and invest in more expensive items with a higher thread count.

Source: Tips and Tricks

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