This is why you should put black pepper in your washing machine


black pepper

This household tip is also budget-friendly

When it comes to housekeeping, there are a number of things that can make us feel grumpy. Have you done a lot of washing, and then discover that some items of clothing have become enormously discolored? That’s a bummer! Since continuously buying new clothing is an expensive joke, we will help you. Did you know that you can prevent a lot of frustration with black pepper? Let us explain!

Soap residue on your garments

You use detergent during every wash, which makes sense. But did you know that this detergent, in addition to cleaning your clothes, also leaves a lot of marks? Your new black top that has become dark grey after one wash, or that one duvet cover that no longer looks good after a single wash: it is all the fault of the detergent you use. The soap residue that sticks to your clothes is the culprit.

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