How to remove a broken key from a lock without needing a locksmith


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This is how to take out a broken key

Have you ever had your key break off in the lock? Unfortunately, it can happen quite easily. Your key is stuck; you wriggle it around, use a little too much force and it snaps in half. You’ve got one half of the key in your hands and the other half is stuck in the lock with no way to retrieve it or open the lock. Sometimes there’s no other way then to call a locksmith, but you can try to remove the key yourself first. Just follow these tips!

Be a locksmith for the day.


Sometimes there’s no other way then to call a locksmith. After all, they’re professionals and know what they’re doing. However, they can be very expensive, especially at night, in the weekend or during holidays. Obviously, your key just has to break at the most inconvenient time, so you would have to pay extra. Luckily, we have a few tips for you that could save you a high bill.

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