Don’t throw away coffee grounds! You can use it for these 7 household chores

Marinating meat

Did you know that you can give meat a better taste by marinating it with some coffee grounds? Because of the acid in the coffee grounds, the taste of the meat is even stronger.

Cleaning pots and pans

Oops, did you accidentally burn something in a pan? No problem, you can remove burned-on food with pots and pans with some coffee grounds. Put it on the bottom of the pan and scrub the pan clean with a scouring pad. That’s it!

Washing hair

You can also clean your hair thoroughly with some coffee grounds. This way your hair can get rid of hairspray and dry shampoo residues. It’ll also make your hair soft and smooth. However, be careful when you have light colored hair, because coffee can discolour your hair. Always make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly after your coffee grounds wash.

Unclogging the sink

Finally, coffee grounds work miracles for unclogging your sink. Put the coffee grounds in the sink and then pour in some washing-up liquid and boiling water. You can also use this trick for your toilet. However, do not use it too often to prevent any damage to your sink.


Be careful not to keep the coffee grounds for too long, because it can turn moldy. Do you want to use it for one of the chores above? First drink a cup of coffee and then get started with ‘fresh’ coffee grounds.

Source: Margriet | Beeld: Unsplash