This is why you should bury used tea bags in your garden

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Plant food

Um, but what does it do? Well, the tea leaves in the bag will provide nutrition to the soil. Because they contain tannin and other nutrients, they serve as a natural fertiliser. The bag itself is usually made out of fibres from the abaca plant, a type of banana tree. The bag and its content will dissolve into the soil and provide a healthy environment for flowers and plants to grow in.


Another advantage of burying a tea bag is that it keeps vermin at a distance. You could also use a little ground coffee to keep pests at bay. Bury a tea bag and vermin won’t get close to your precious flowers and plants. The smell chases away any animal that would otherwise like to take a nibble from your plants.

If you would like to know what other perks a buried tea bag has, go on to the next page. We’ll also show you a helpful video on page two.