This is why you should bury used tea bags in your garden


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You’ll never throw your used tea bags in the bin again

Do you fancy yourself to be quite the gardener and do you love to spend your weekends working in your garden? Then we’ve got a great tip for you. We used to throw out our tea bags after we’ve steeped them in our tea, but after reading this you will keep them and use them in your garden. It’s not only less wasteful, they can make quite a big difference in your garden.

Who knew a used tea bag could do this.


Growing your own plants can be quite difficult, especially if you try to grow them from seeds. Most seedlings don’t even germinate, despite your best efforts. Lucky for you, we’ve found an easy way for you to turn your garden into a true plant paradise. All you need to do is bury a used tea bag in the soil.

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