This is why you should put old newspapers in your garden



It will save you a lot of hassle

Usually, we throw out our newspaper once we’ve read it. Therefore, many newspapers end up in the trash daily. However, you might want to hold onto it a little longer in the future, as a newspaper is actually quite useful when you’re gardening. Read on to find out why.

Your flowerbed will look flawless when using this trick.


Do you love gardening and do you take great pride in your garden? To keep everything neat, it is essential to remove weeds. This can be an annoying and strenuous task as these unwanted plants pop up quickly and seem to be everywhere. You need to remove them quickly, otherwise they will spread even more. So off you go, pulling them out one by one. But, what if we told you there’s an easier way? And you guessed it, it involves newspaper.


So how on earth does newspaper get rid of weeds? If you spread out an old newspaper in your garden, the paper will block out sunlight and fresh air, causing weeds to suffocate and die. It also prevents new weeds from growing, so even if your garden is looking perfectly neat at the moment, this trick is still quite useful.

How to

If you want to try out this trick, all you need is a few old newspapers. Use enough to cover the entire area you want to keep weed-free. Plants can’t grow through the newspaper, so make sure you put them around existing plants or places you want new plants to grow. Spread out the newspapers and grab a hose. Make sure all paper is wet. Cover the newspapers with mulch. Make sure you cover ever inch of paper, so you don’t see that you put it down. Your garden will look extremely tidy after and stay this way!


This trick is great for people who want a neat-looking flowerbed without all the hassle of pulling out weeds. Just make sure your beloved flowers and plants do have enough space to grow and aren’t smothered by newspapers. If you want to see this trick in action, watch the video.

Source: LibelleTV | Image: Videostill

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