A retired couple buys an abandoned barn and finds something absolutely amazing inside



The abandoned barn has some history inside.

Some stories are just too good to be true. Not in this case, because as amazing as this story is, it is 100 percent true. A retired couple from New York bought an old barn in Portugal. Why they decided to do this is unclear, as it was a giant leap of faith. The couple had never been inside and simply bought the barn without seeing it, as the old owner passed away. They couldn’t believe what they found inside!

They hit the jackpot!


The barn wasn’t expensive at all. No one had been there for years, and the old owner recently passed away. The couple bought the barn very cheaply, but had no idea what treasures lay inside. They were actually buying a pure piece, or should we say pieces, of history. The moment they opened their barn for their first time, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The old and abandoned barn was filled with hundreds of cars, some of them dated back to before the Second World War. BMWs, Aston Martins, Mercedes; the barn held many treasures. All of those cars together were estimated to be worth over 26 million dollars.

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