This apartment hadn’t been opened in 70 years and it’s like time stood still

Madame de Florian’s apartment was found close to a church int he 9th arrondissement of Paris. Experts entered the apartment after finding it to make an inventory of what was inside. They found, among other things, a very valuable painting by Giovanni Boldini, an Italian artist from the 19th century. A historian said it was like “walking into Sleeping Beauty’s apartment, where time stood still since 1900.” Another historian, Olivier Choppin-Janvry, who did the discovery, said the whole apartment smelled of old dust.

This was the living room:

The painting pictured here, of a woman from the 19th century, turned out to be by the hand of Italian painter Giovanni Boldini. It was auctioned off for 2.1 million euros! It is believed that the woman in the painting is Marthe de Florian, Madame de Florian’s grandmother. She was a renowned actress and socialite in her time, as well as Boldini’s personal muse.