You should sleep with a clove of garlic under your pillow!


Calming effect

You’re going to sleep much more soundly and calmly with a clove of garlic under your pillow! We realise this sounds a bit weird, but the sulphurous substances in garlic combined with the aroma have a calming effect on you. The smell of the garlic will reach through the pillow a little bit, which helps you to fall asleep more easily. Plus, it’ll also improve the quality of your sleep. In other words: you sleep quicker and deeper; what more do you want? Put one or two cloves (including peel) under your pillow and you’ll notice the effect. You’ll sleep like a baby! And don’t worry; your bedroom won’t smell of garlic when you wake up the next morning and neither will you. Everyone will still want to sit next to you! Worth a try?


Garlic is great for other things as well. Having trouble with your stomach, like stomach acid? Drink a glass of water with a bit of fresh garlic added to it. It tastes gross, but it does help!

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