We know your personality judging from the shape of your feet

2. The flame foot

Despite the strange name, is this quite a common foot shape. Your feet resemble a flame shape, meaning your second toe is longer than the big toe. If this is your foot shape, you are most likely quite sporty and creative. You like to create and thin of new things. You are very enthusiastic and can win people over easily. You can be quite impulsive at times.

3. The square foot

If your toes are all the same length, you have a toe shape that resembles a square. This means you are a thinker, you like to make lists with pros and cons and will always think things through. You are a practical person and perceived as trustworthy and reliable.

4. The stretched foot

This type of foot is relatively long and the toes cross each other a little bit. If you have this type of foot, you are most likely an introverted person. You like to keep things to yourself and you have hidden depths. You are impulsive your moods can change quickly.

Source: Tips and Tricks