She thinks her boyfriend is getting a makeover, but then he does something surprising!


She thinks it’s a makeover, but then…

Although they’re very different from each other, Brandon and Clara have been a couple for years. Clara is a glamorous woman who likes to wear a pink fake fur, fake nails and lots of make up. Her boyfriend Brandon is less concerned with his looks and wears his hair long and refuses to trim his beard.

Brandon’s love for Clara is obvious.


To show Clara what his love, Brandon participated in an American makeover TV programme presented by Rachel Ray. Clara thinks the makeover IS the surprise, but Brandon has much more in mind. When Clara sees her boyfriend, her jaw drops. He doesn’t even remotely resemble the long haired, bearded guy he was moments ago.



Little does Clara know there’s another surprise waiting for her. Brandon shows his new looks to Clara, who is sitting in the audience in the studio. Clara is visibly emotional and touched by the willingness of Brandon to undergo this makeover. She can’t believe her eyes when she sees him! She’s allowed up on the stage to have a closer look. Rachel Ray asks Brandon if he has anything else to say to the emotional Clara. No one expected what he did next.

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